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        Quality Assurance
            Research & Development
            Incoming Inspection
            Production Inspection
        Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves
            Z011-A Wafer
            Z 014-A Lugged
            Z 011-AS Wafer
            F 012-A Double Flanged / ISO Short
            F 012-K1 Double Flanged
            Z 411-A Wafer
            Z 414-A Lugged
            Z 011-GMX
            Z 611-A Wafer
            Z 614-A lugged
        M-PTFE Lined Valves
            T 211-A Wafer
            T 212-A Double Flanged
            T 214-A Lug
        High Performance Valves
            HP 111 Wafer
            HP 114 Lugged
            HP 111-E Wafer / stub shaft design
            HP 114-E Lugged / stub shaft design
        Actuators and Controls
            Pneumatic Double Acting Actuator
            Pneumatic Spring Return Actuator / Fail Safe
            Electric Actuators
            Controls and Accessories
        Special Applications
            BE 50/BE 80 Container Valve
            BE 250/BE 300 Container Valve
            TW 80/TW 100 Tank Valves
            TW 150/TW 200 Tank Valves
            K 016 PVC Valves
            CK Clamp Ring Connection Valves
            QV Pinch Valve
            Pipe Connector Flex
        Check valves
            RSK Wafer Swing Check
            DC Dual Door
        Knife Gate Valves
        Knife Gate Valves
            Knife Gate Valve Type MV
            Knife Gate Valve Type HG
            Knife Gate Valve Type SLV
            Knife Gate Valve Type RKO
            Pneumatic Cylinder
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